An Enemy of the People

by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by John Johnston

February 7 through February 25, 2018

Following the success of it two previous forays into the Norwegian master, Henrik Ibsen’s, plays – 2010’s Ghosts and 2016’s A Doll’s House – Classical Theatre Company will again produce one of the great playwright’s works in An Enemy of the People. Ibsen, known for his intense dramas, pulls no punches in this 1882 examination of the media and government corruption. Ibsen was unsure whether to call it a comedy or a drama, because Enemy is arguably the funniest of his plays, though by today’s standards, it would definitely fall under the “drama” category.

The play follows Dr. Thomas Stockmann, a notable and respected doctor in his small Norwegian hometown, as he discovers that the local baths – a source of great pride and income for the village – have become contaminated by local industry and are now poisonous. He struggles with his brother, the town’s mayor, in trying to get his findings published in the local paper. A play, at its heart, about personal responsibility and the rights and roles of whistleblowers, An Enemy of the People could ripped right from today’s headlines.



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