By Euripides

Directed by John Johnston

September 7 – 16, 2023

The potent story, drawn from Greek myth, highlights the relationship between Medea and her hero husband of Argonaut fame, Jason. Medea, a sorceress and princess of a foreign land, was married to Jason when he – with Medea’s aid – successfully completed three tasks laid out for him by Medea’s father, the King of Colchis. As ever, the goddess Hera interfered and bewitched Medea into falling in love with Jason so that she might help him in his tasks. Upon completion, they were married and Jason brought Medea back to Greece with him.
They had two children together, but in time, Jason grew tired of Medea and turned his eyes on a new princess, and as such, Medea’s position in Greece grows tenuous since she hails from a foreign land. Medea plots to get her revenge on Jason and his new bride in a tale that will have audiences’ heads spinning.
All performances will be at
The DeLuxe Theater
3303 Lyons Avenue
Houston, TX 77020